Coding, Lego & Robotics

Coding, Lego & Robotics

The Coding, Lego & Robotics program is basically for Primary and Secondary schools students from ages 4 through eighteen, though other adults can also benefit.

Coding & Robotics are future ready skills for your kids

What is Robotics:

Robotics is a branch of technology which deals with robots. Robots are programmable machines which are usually able to carry out a series of actions autonomously, or semi-autonomously.

What is Lego:


LEGO are toy-like materials used in Nursery, primary & high schools as STEAM solution that ignites students’ passion for STEAM learning through playful problem solving and storytelling, preparing them to be resilient, independent thinkers.

What is Coding:

Coding for kids is how we teach kids about coding and programming. In kid-friendly terms, coding is using a set of instructions to communicate with computers.
We use block based programming app like scratch junior & senior, and Alice to jumpstart coding with kids from age 4.

Other programming Languages are:

  • Python & Python Turtle
  • Arduino
  • Java & Javascript
  • HTML & CSS


  • kindle strong interest in technology
  • Develop complex problem solving skills
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Develop Practical & Creativity skills
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence skills
  • Develop Cognitive flexibility


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  • The program starts 1st August and ends on the 31st of August.
  • The program runs from Monday through Thursdays every week
  • The program runs from 9am through 1pm everyday
  • The age recommended is from 9 through 17 years of age
  •  The price has been fixed for fifty thousand naira only
  • Seats are limited, make your registration immediately
  • Register through the form above
  • Make your payments are send the payments details through the form above or by WhatsApp to 0705.959.6042

Summer Coding & Robotics:

The summer program will focus more on coding because of time limitation. However a robotic project or challenge could be given to a section of the class. Participants are advised to come with their computer notebooks so that they can learn faster and participate in all projects & assignments.