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Training at Nhames Limited is a wonderful experience.

As Technology changes at an ever-increasing rate especially in Information Technology, a gap is formed between the foundation provided by an academic education and the technical competency that is required in today’s business environment. Training at Nhames Limited was established to bridge this technical education gap.

Our training experts possess practical knowledge and perform job functions you would work with during the course of the day. They explain concepts to you, guide you, and provide feedback after hands-on, simulations and case study… More[+]

Importance of Certification Training:
IT certification programs ensure the technical competence of IT professionals.

It creates a fair level playing field among those who wish to partake in these highly-skilled industries.

Certification programs establish standards for IT education and play an important role in developing a qualified workforce.

It also generates trust between professionals and the public which enables incomes to stay high and the quality of work to be relatively similar.

IT certifications build “technical perspective” in a person that is supportive of field experience in very important ways.

Career commitment goes hand in hand with technical certification, especially as the specialization and difficulty rises.

Certifications are excellent for boosting your personal or company image on marketing material or even for winning contracts/projects.

Certification provides career advancement opportunities. A recent IDC Survey reported that nearly 40 percent of certified professionals received a promotion within the first year of attaining a primary certification.

The Core of our Training :
The core of our training is Cisco, ITIL and Management. We have Lab equipment for Cisco voice, Routing and switching and Security. Other certification courses are also available with good enough facilities and sound instructors.


Why Train with us :
We have the best Instructors and Cisco lab equipment for all Cisco cert tracks

We are trainer of choice to many blue chip company like Shell and Chevron

We are the first to organize CCIE Lab Training in Nigeria with over 80% success rate in the exam.

We have good success rate in our exams generally

Our staff our customer friendly and will give you career counselling any-time any-day before and after your training. read more




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