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|Anti-Virus Solution for the Enterprise|

After several years in IT industry, we have the cause to have used and sold several anti-virus, but after all the research over the years, we have come to settle for Kaspersky anti-virus because of several abilities which we enumerated below.

This unique product from Kaspersky Lab will enable you to achieve several objectives at once: first, to increase the level of your network’s antivirus protection; second, to test the effectiveness of your existing antivirus solution; and third, to decide whether you should change your antivirus solution.

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus Second Opinion Solution provides centralized antivirus scanning of workstations on a corporate network without causing conflicts with antivirus software from other vendors installed on the network.
  • Product Highlights
    • One more layer of antivirus protection
    • Can be used in parallel with other antivirus software
    • Centralized administration
    • Risk-free evaluation of an alternative solution
    • Easy migration to a different antivirus solution

  • Additional Features
    • Antivirus scanning
    • Proactive protection against new malware
    • Selection of protection level
    • Selection of scanning areas
    • Quarantine storage
    • Centralized administration
  • Kaspersky Open Space Security provides your wide corporate infrastructure with world-class anti-malware protection in a single, integrated suite of applications that work seamlessly across all platforms. Every workstation, laptop, file server, mail server, Internet gateway or smartphone is fully protected, giving you complete confidence that the network is secure, whether you are working in the office, remotely or at home.

    Why Kaspersky Open Space Security?

    Our new and refreshed business IT security products far exceed industry standards and are suitable for all network nodes, yet make minimal demands on your network’s valuable resources. The optimized security systems are easy to deploy, administer and maintain, increasing your levels of security whilst significantly decreasing your total cost of protection. As a result, your business benefits from:

    • Deeper protection, comprehensive endpoint control and centralized administration
    • Out-of-the box protection against all types of Internet threats
    • Rapid response to new malware attacks
    • Optimized and cost-effective security, licensing and purchasing that maximizes business productivity for less investment
    • Customer-focused, global and local technical support expertise
    • Combined power of signature-based, proactive and cloud-assisted protection technologies

Kaspersky Work Space Security

Protect every workstation, laptop and smartphone in your network from all types of computer threats. Your data stays secure, meaning that you can keep working worry-free. Learn more.

Kaspersky Business Space Security

Ensure your endpoint security remains flexible and portable with protection for different locations, operating systems and applications that let you operate and compete successfully in a connected world. Learn more.

Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security

Multi-site and home working means having users in different locations. Employ high-quality endpoint, mail server and group server protection that enables secure and fully accessible working from anywhere. Learn more.

Kaspersky Total Space Security

Deploy ultimate network perimeter security with this world-class solution that provides multi-layered malware protection and control over all email, web traffic and network communications. Learn more.




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