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Cisco CCIE Certification

CCNA 200-301

Training at Nhames Limited is a wonderful experience.

  • CCIE is the premiere certification exam in Cisco certification, CCIE certification is almost the same as having PHD in Internetworking.
  • Preparing for the written Qualification exam:
    We can train you for CCIE written exam or help you prepare on several areas. The written Qualification exam concentrates on theoretical knowledge about Internetworking, although some knowledge of Cisco equipment commands is also required. The key skill required to pass the CCIE Qualification exams is knowledge absorption and recall.Exam Structure:
    There are several different CCIE certification tracks to choose from: Routing and Switching, Security, Design, Collaboration, Wireless, Data center, Service Provider and ……. CCIE candidates need to choose one of the above tracks and successfully pass both the qualification exam and the lab exam. The written and lab exams test different type of knowledge. The qualification exam is a 2 hour multiple choice computer based exam. It is available worldwide at Cisco authorized testing centers. Once a CCIE candidate has successfully passed the qualification exam, they can then proceed to book and attempt the lab exam. This lab exam is an 8 hour hands-on practical exam and is offered only at selected Cisco locations worldwide and Mobile labs and one of them is in Lagos Nigeria at a specified period of the year.
    Preparing for your CCIE Lab exam:
    An eight hour lab exam emphasizes Cisco equipment command knowledge and network troubleshooting skills. In order to schedule time in a CCIE Preparation Lab or to schedule the CCIE Lab exam itself, you must first pass the Qualification exam. There is a time limit between passing the written Qualification exam and attempting the Lab exam. Review the exam policies before scheduling any of the examinations.
    What makes the lab exam different from the written exam and many other certification programs is that merely “knowing” the correct command is not enough – you need to be able to get it working in a timed test situation. As a result, a successful exam preparation strategy focuses on experience and self-practice with Cisco equipment. Your preparation strategy for the lab exam should consider three things: your current level of work experience, your training level, and your available time and equipment options for self-study. What makes CCIE lab exam preparation challenging is that the relative strengths of these three areas are different for each person attempting the exam. Check more on our CCIE lab boot camp once a yearExperience:
    There is no actual requirement regarding work experience before taking the CCIE exam. However, passing the lab exam requires a considerable depth of understanding of Cisco equipment and general networking. This understanding is difficult to get except with hands-on experience in a work situation. As part of your preparation, you will probably determine that your experience is high in some areas, whereas other areas will require more training or study to make up for a lower level of experience.Training:
    CCIE is not a training-based certification. While there is a suggested list of Cisco courses for each CCIE certification track, no specific training is required for any of the CCIE exams. In fact, training alone is generally insufficient to pass the CCIE Lab exam. However, training can help strengthen weak areas and expose you to key topics. You can then work on these topics in more detail as part of your self-study.Self-Study:
    Self-study for the CCIE Lab exam is probably the single most important factor determining success or failure. The CCIE lab exam is a practical exam – your self-study must be practical as well. Passing the CCIE lab exam requires knowledge of the Cisco command set and a facility with using the commands that only comes with repeated practice in different scenarios. A prerequisite for this study, and a stumbling block for many candidates, is equipment to practice on. One of the first steps in your preparation should be arranging access to a mix of equipment suitable for your exam. An equipment list for each exam is available for review for each examination: Routing and Switching, ISP Dial, WAN Switching, SNA/IP Integration and Design.

    Familiarity with the structure of the Cisco documentation, specifically the command reference manuals and the configuration guides is another important element for CCIE Lab exam preparation. The exam assumes that you can configure the more common protocols and technologies with little need to check documentation. For less common topics the Cisco Documentation CD and the standard Cisco documentation set in hardcopy will be available in the exam lab. Since time is a critical factor in the exam, the ability to find a command directly with minimal searching will pay off during the lab exam.

    Cisco sponsors CCIE Practice Labs at various locations worldwide. While a practice lab session does not replace self-study or guarantee success, it will give you a much better understanding of the level of difficulty associated with the CCIE Lab Exam and it will familiarize you with the testing environment.



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