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About us – Infomation Protection Statement

IP Statement

Our IP statement states that we are committed to adhering to rules and regulations provided by the IP and TM owners in regard to the use and reproduction of IP and TM materials.

As an ATO we pledge to adhere strictly to Crown copyright, which refers to text, diagrams and tables that are produced by employees of the Crown in the course of their duties.

Therefore, this is in reference to official Best Management Practice portfolio material that is available for re-use by ATOs and Affiliates as a result of the ATO/Affiliate IP Sub-Licence.

Symbology – refers to the “™” or “®” symbol.

Trade Marks – refer to logos and word marks. If a Trade Mark encompasses a “™” symbol, the
Trade Mark is unregistered but still needs to be acknowledged. If a Trade Mark encompasses the
“®” symbol, the Trade Mark is registered and needs to be acknowledged.

Accredited Training Material:
Nhames Limited does not develop her own courseware at least for now.  Courseware is licensed from Accredited Courseware Provider, ITSM  Solutions.  Nhames Limited relationship with the courseware provider is measured through review of pass rates and student surveys.



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