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ITIL® Credit System

|ITIL® Credit System & Module Combination|

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  • The ITIL® Qualification Scheme introduces a modular credit system for each of the ITIL® qualifications. All modules are given a credit value, and candidates meeting the requisite entry criteria and accumulating the required number of credits (22) can apply for ITIL Expert level of qualification.Qualifications from earlier ITIL® versions are also recognized within the system, together with qualifications endorsed as complementary to the core ITIL® portfolio.The purpose of the ITIL® Credit Profiler is to advise ITIL® candidates of the total credit value they have attained within the scheme and to provide general guidance on potential routes for further study based on candidate educational or qualification objectives. Please visit ITIL official website for more information. 

    ITIL Authorised Training Organization



    • Candidates must achieve a minimum of 17 credits to be eligible for the Managing Across the Lifecycle course and examination;
    • Candidates MUST attain a minimum of 22 credits in a balanced selection of modules to gain ITIL Expert Level of qualification;
    • When using complementary qualifications credits – a maximum of 6 credits can be used in the ITIL core scheme

    It is strongly recommended that candidates achieve a balanced selection of modules (i.e. modules which cover processes and functions across the entire ITIL Service Lifecycle) when working towards ITIL Expert Level of qualification, to ensure that the full ITIL knowledge base has been covered.

    Possible Module Combination Options to achieve the ITIL Expert Certificate:

    It is strongly recommended that all candidates, who intend to achieve ITIL Expert level, achieve a balanced and well-rounded knowledge of ITIL.

    In order to achieve this, candidates should select a series of Intermediate modules which complement each other. Modules of study should therefore cover each of the 5 practice areas, to ensure that the end result is a holistic view and knowledge of ITIL Best Practices.

    The scheme has been designed with two principle streams – the Service Lifecycle and Service Capability streams – which have both been developed and constructed offering optimum balance and coverage of ITIL principles; however, there are other routes to ITIL Expert which offer a similar balance, and some possible module combinations are shown above

    It should be noted that it is not a mandatory requirement for candidates to choose their Expert route from the paths outlined below; however selecting one of these routes will give candidates the best possible knowledge and skills base in ITIL.

    Credit and Examination Prerequisites:
    To ensure that candidates select a well balanced variety of qualifications across the curriculum, certain prerequisites and mandatory credits are required within the scheme and to achieve the ITIL Expert Certificate.
    Candidates with no prior ITIL qualifications wishing to take ITIL examinations must satisfy the following prerequisites:



    The policy for qualifications that overlap within this range is that, in order to obtain a broad and balanced understanding of ITIL, the following qualifications should be avoided. However, candidates who do study for and pass these exams can count both sets of units towards their Expert Certificate.




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