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International Diploma:
Diplomas are expected to increase the work-related skill levels in school leavers. They may also be seen to offer a more interesting and relevant qualification to less academic teenagers, and this could increase their active participation in school education up to and beyond the age of 18 years. However, the qualification is designed not to limit the future progression of students. Students can move into Further or Higher Education, Employment or an Apprenticeship as they wish. The Diploma certificates are accepted as part of entry requirements into UK Universities and also accepted as credit towards relevant degrees,

Diplomas are unique because:

  • The qualification also consists of a more flexible style of learning combining academic study with opportunities to practice skills.
  • Sector Skills Councils have led the design and development of the Diploma content and structure. This has ensured that learners acquire the skills and knowledge identified as most required by employers.

International Diploma Courses:


The Diploma certificates are issued by IQN UK and these Diploma certificates are recognized in Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF), which is one of the national qualification frameworks in the UK. Essentially, IQN qualifications are comparable against European Qualifications Framework.


 Professional Qualifications.
If you want to work at the top level of the profession of your choice, you will usually need a professional qualification. These are generally awarded by professional bodies and follow on from having completed a degree or equivalent qualification.

 Professional Qualifications Available:

We are authorized by IQN to train students and provide materials to interested students, Training are available for the listed Diploma and professional qualifications, we will be adding more to our training portfolio with time. We are registered and accredited training organization for IQN.

Training Duration:

  • Extended Training Mode (Including other certs and relevant training) = One year
  • Normal Training Mode = 3 months
  • Fast Track Training Mode: 2 weeks – One Month

Result & Certificate

Please note that your certificate is issued by the exam body once you pass the exam, your result is made available Immediately after finishing the exam on Pearson VUE platform.
The certificate and transcript will be couriered (using ROYAL MAIL or ‘similar’) to the address given by you in your Pearson VUE web account. Hence, it is important that you provide detail and absolutely correct postal address with postcode in your Pearson VUE web account.

It may take up to 6 weeks to receive the certificate. If you DO NOT receive your certificate within 6 weeks from the date of successful completion of the exam, please contact us.