Fundamentals of PHP Programming


PHP is one of the most used languages on the web. The vast majority of websites you visit are built with PHP on the back-end, and knowing PHP is a requirement for writing plugins or themes for a CMS like WordPress. PHP is fast, but even better, it’s easy to learn and easy to use for writing web applications.

You’ll start with the very basics, using variables and writing simple loops and functions, before building up to coding classes for simple object-oriented programming (OOP). Along the way, you’ll learn all the most important skills for writing apps for the web: you’ll get a chance to practice responding to GET and POST requests, parsing JSON, authenticating users, and using a MySQL database.

What you will Learn

  • Getting started with PHP
  • Installing PHP
  • PHP Variables
  • Functions
  • PHP Built-in Functions
  • PHP arrays
  • HTML Form handling
  • Conditional and logics in PHP
  • Loops in PHP

Who should attend

Anyone with basic knowledge of Programming and HTML.