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Oracle 11g Training

|Oracle 11g Training|

Training at Nhames Limited is a wonderful experience.

We have the following modules for Oracle 11g Technology:
Oracle 11g DBA OCA
Oracle 11g DBS OCP

Oracle 11g Technology explained:
Oracle 11g technology was introduced basically to produce a High availability Database called HA. Oracle has taken the approach of building a set of tightly integrated HA features within the database kernel. The three guiding principles of Oracle’s HA vision are:

1. Leverage enhanced Oracle-optimized data protection
2. Deliver application-integrated High Availability
3. Provide an integrated, automated and open architecture

Provide an Integrated, automated and open architecture:
Since Oracle’s HA solutions are available as built-in features of the database, there is no
separate integration required with third-party technologies. No separate installs are required,
and upgrades to new versions are greatly simplified, eliminating the painful and timeconsuming process of release certification across multiple vendors’ technologies. Also, all the features can be managed via the unified Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control management interface.

We have the following modules:
Oracle 11g DBA OCA
Oracle 11g DBA OCP

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