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Web design Training

|Web Design Training|

Training at Nhames Limited is a wonderful experience.

Web Design Training:
Web design is just what it sounds like. It designs the look and the feel of a website along with what graphics, font, colour scheme, etc. Web design is important because it also decides the flow of your website, and a good clear flow is important for your visitors. Good design is just one aspect of the ever-expanding area  of web site promotion that can make a considerable difference to the success of your business and career. Though there are several tools (such as Adobe Dreamweaver) which help in creating HTML pages, it is important for web designers to have an understanding of HTML code. This enables them to remove glitches and add special effects. You will be taught the basics of HTML, fundamental HTML elements, getting started with CSS, getting started with Java scipt and others.

The Training :
In this Training , you will learn the most up-to-date methods for designing web pages using HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 as established by the W3C within a Web Standards framework. Gain the skills you need to design a truly attractive and fully functional web site as you learn the fundamentals of HTML layout and design and master dynamic technologies including Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript.

What You will Learn:

  • Format and layout text in HTML and XHTML, the current standards for web pages and the preferred markup for use with CSS
    Apply design decisions for a group of pages, ensuring a consistent look and feel and shortening the time it takes to develop and maintain the site with CSS
  • Insert and position graphics
  • Add color
  • Link to other pages and sites
  • Design data tables
  • Develop pages that are compliant with Web Accessibility standards
  • Ensure that web pages comply with the W3C standards and Web Standards framework
  • Incorporate various multimedia in your web page
  • Design simple HTML forms with simple client-side validation, allowing users a selection of input options
  • Design complex tables for layouts and data
  • Introduce the basic concept of JavaScript, including functions, objects, methods, event handlers, and an understanding of the DOM
  • Implement JavaScript to validate forms, ensuring that the user fills in the form properly
  • Review the concept of Dynamic Scripting or DOM Scripting as a whole to better understand why a dynamic web site is the future
  • Know what to do with your web pages to get them published
  • Complete a capstone project to incorporate all of the concepts within the course

Dreamweaver Fundamentals: An Introduction to Dreamweaver Training:
This training is designed for those who are new to web design and development, you will gain the knowledge and hands-on practice you need to build and manage intuitive, attractive, accessible, and professional web sites using Dreamweaver. You will learn how to create and incorporate text, graphics, and effects into your web site.

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