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Oracle Certifications -DBA

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Training at Nhames Limited is a wonderful experience.

Oracle Certification brings a higher standard of benchmarked skills and abilities, which leads to greater opportunities and higher pay packages. According to Information Week Magazine, “Oracle is the skill sought by IT managers, and is the hardest to find.”

Currently, Oracle has certification programs for DBAs and application developers.

Database Administrator Certification Track Details
Application Developer Certification Track Details


Our Oracle training courses are recognized for their technical accuracy and adherence to OCP certification objectives. Our delivery is dynamic, our interface is intuitive, and our hands-on exercises are uniquely tailored to train students to pass the Oracle OCP certification exams as well as prepare them for the job market.

Our courses are based on sound principles, from extensive research in instructional design, adult learning and information processing. All courses are design so that new knowledge and skills will be remembered and retrieved for future use. Each course include about 20 – 40 solid questions skill assessment, which evaluates your knowledge of the course material. You can be assured that this high-quality, instructionally-sound product will enhance your professional and personal growth and stimulate job satisfaction. All courses was designed and created to exceed the strict Oracle content guidelines.

Join the ranks of thousands of people with Oracle Certification who are taking financial advantage of the explosion in the Information Technology field and starting to earn good money.




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