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Fibre Optics Training

Fiber Optics -An Introduction Course


Our Fiber training introduction program offers a challenging curriculum.
Courses are scheduled once in a month throughout the year.

We have developed a comprehensive, integrated training program to meet the needs of new comers into this field of fiber and for technicians, installers and users of fiber optic products.

Courses are structured for each trainee’s unique area of specialization like  telecommunications, Local & Wide Area Networks, Cable Television, Television transmission and more, based on request.

Key Features of Our Fiber Optic Training Programs Are:
Fiber optic installation, maintenance and design
Fiber optic theoretical background
Fiber optic system testing and troubleshooting
On-the-job training upon request
Small class sizes to encourage student/instructor interaction
Highest level of hands-on training in the optical industry (85-90%)

Find below some of the available fiber trainings (course description)!

  • Introduction to Fiber Optics
    A two day, purely theoretical training on history, terminologies, cabling, connectors, fiber modes splicing technologies, standards, types and modes of fiber among other topics
  • Hands-on Splicing course:
    A two day hands on course that prepares you for fiber optic fusion and mechanical splicing.
  • Some variants of these courses above are available for Telcos, LAN/WAN, Cable TV and others.




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