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Introduction To Networking

|Introduction to Networking Course|

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Networking Introduction :
This course is designed to avail those that are new to Networks, who will like to stop at the basics or those who intend to further to certifications like CCNA, CCIE. Introduction to the evolution, technological basis, and services of the Internet, with descriptions of its underlying communications structure, routing algorithms, peer-to-peer hierarchy, reliability, and packet switching. Network security, mail, multimedia and data compression issues, HTML, and digital images. Participants will have hands-on on cabling, termination, etc.

Course Objectives:

  • Apply fundamental network concepts, terminology and solutions
  • Implement networks using data links and physical media
  • Deploy Local Area Networks (LANs) using Ethernet
  • Manage reliable internetworks and intranets using effective TCP/IP design
  • Evaluate and select leading-edge enterprise network technologies

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