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Oracle DBA 10g Training

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Training at Nhames Limited is a wonderful experience.

We have the following modules for Oracle 10g Technology:
Oracle 10g DBA OCA
Oracle 10g DBS OCP

Oracle 10g Technology explained:
The Oracle Database 10g Automatic Storage Management (ASM) feature is focused on simplifying the management of the storage used for holding database information. The database information includes the database files, as well as other information such as database configuration information, backup and log archives, etc.

Prior to Oracle 10g and the introduction of ASM, it has typically been the joint function of the database administrator, the system administrator, and the storage administrator to plan physical storage layout to be used for housing the various pieces of information making up the mission critical databases. With ASM, the task is simplified in that the database administrators can now focus on acquiring and provisioning database storage, and relegating the actual data placement mapping responsibility to the Oracle database kernel.

EMC and Oracle conducted comprehensive engineering work to date and published best practice storage layout and general database file allocation guidelines that are widely adopted by many, System administrators and DBAs who are familiar and comfortable working with the current data planning and placement strategies, will need to see the benefits and advantages that ASM brings to their database environment prior to converting existing database environments to an ASM managed pool of storage. Once they are familiar with the concepts and understand the advantages of this environment they will want to see validation that it works well with a joint EMC and Oracle technology stack.

In order to harness the full advantage of ASM together with EMC storage, EMC and Oracle engineering have worked jointly to refine some of the details of storage configuration and layout best practice guidelines to cover the new ASM deployment paradigm.

We have the following modules:
Oracle 10g DBA OCA
Oracle 10g DBS OCP

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