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Training at Nhames Limited is a wonderful experience.

This course is designed to avail those that are new to Computer or IT what computer is and its applications in carrying out their every day assignments. This course goes on to explain to the participant, the basic component parts of a personal computer and the types available. The emphasis is for them to understand the application of computer in Information Technology and in Information Communications Technology that translates to effectiveness and efficiency in business and people management.

Course Objectives :
·· Define a computer and know the major characteristics of a computer
·· Know the different classes and categories of computer
·· Define hardware and know the basic components of computer hardware
·· Identify and differentiate the types of software available
·· Define and trace the history of operating systems
·· Identify and differentiate types of operating systems commonly available
·· Define and identify the major types of application systems
·· Enumerate the benefits of database management system.
·· Identify the benefits associated with SDLC
·· Know the levels of users involvement in the development of information system
·· Know the major functions of networks to a business
·· Know to what extent the Internet has impacted the social life of people
·· Understand the application of the Internet in marketing
·· Know the various forms of attack computer is exposed to
·· Know what are the characteristics of a healthy job
·· Identify the ways computer system impact on health and safety of workers


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