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|Statement of Quality Assurance|

All jobs associated with our contracts, including Training, Software development project, support and maintenance are executed to the best international standards and quality. They will conform to all internationally accepted and published guidelines, quality and regulations.


Our Quality System incorporates the planning for quality. Where the project requires, we plan all our Quality activities and produce documents appropriate to the needs. In deciding whether a job specific plan is required, we will consider a range of issues.

When the project is commenced, a Project Specific Quality Plan forming a section of the overall Project Management Plan, will be produced and will detail:
1. How satisfactory acceptance of work will be assessed during the process;
2. How satisfactory acceptance of the completed work will be assessed;
3. How risk will be identified and managed;
4. What procedures are required to ensure continuing, stable, development capability; and
5. What procedures will be applied to ensure quality.

We have one of the largest pools of quality assurance experts among local companies in this part of the world, to ensure that a quality management system is implemented in each of our projects, which training is a major part.

In our Project Special Quality Plans we show when and how review or assessment is carried out at each stage of the task. For minor works, the Project Specific Quality Plan will be a simple checklist to ensure no requirements are inadvertently overlooked in the execution of the tasks recommend.

The scope of work, time and cost details for the project are review as defined in the RFT/Contract before acceptance. All is clarified before the commencement of work before the project kick-off meeting to ensure that all involved personnel are aware of all details and their responsibilities.

Specific performance measures, important points of review for the project and actual deliverables are identified in the work breakdown structure and project time line. This is to ensure that the work carried out is consistent with client expectations and of a high standard. The project Plan Procedure shall detail the process.

All documentation created during a project (generally specification or reports) is maintained by the Project Manager and stored in the project file. At the completion of the project the file may be registered as archived and moved to the document storage room. These files are kept for a minimum of seven years unless otherwise specified in the contract. The document control procedure controls this process.

At the successful completion of all work the project will be financially closed. The Project Management procedure details this process.



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