New CCNA 200-301 Exam

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The CCNA 200-301 replaces all current CCNA exams with a single exam that is effective Feb. 24, 2020. The new exam is 120-minutes and has significant changes to the curriculum.

The new exam has only single-area OSPFv2 as the dynamic routing protocol and no troubleshooting topics. Simulation labs (notoriously difficult) are now only configuration and verify.

Current CCNA Exams

CCNA 200-125, ICND1 100-105, and ICND2 200-105 are available for registration only until Feb. 23, 2020.

CCNA 200-301 Knowledge Domains

20%      Network Fundamentals

20%      Network Access

25%      IP Connectivity

10%      IP Services

15%      Security Fundamentals

10%      Automation and Programmability

Curriculum Alert!

CCNA 200-301 exam includes a significant amount of wireless and network programmability. That is attributed to the popularity of mobile devices, cloud computing and SDN architecture. Cisco is aligning the new CCNA certification exam with a shift to internet-based connectivity model and OSPF for routing IP protocol only. EIGRP was previously created for multiprotocol routing and RIP is not scalable for mobile and cloud connections.

The management and troubleshooting of network infrastructure is being radically changed with SDN open source architecture. Cisco has enabled programmable features on their devices and virtualization from physical equipment to software services. They have virtual appliances and CCNA engineers now support private and cloud data center connections.

New CCNA 200-301 Exam – Certifications & Skills Development
Training for this new CCNA 200-301 is available before the 24th of February.